“Where quality, effectiveness, and innovation meet.”

In-House Medical™

We seek to uphold the noblest of all principles, that we would treat others the way we ourselves would want to be treated.

In-House Medical™ is a stand for dignifying the care of the patient by recognizing our purpose to serve and impart integrity to our fellow man.

We create innovative, effective hospital-based provider practices by integrating our services into the fabric of the facility.

We will provide the clinical and managerial expertise that result in an enhanced patient experience by intentionally optimizing the provider practices through hands-on leadership into the Hospital’s mission and vision.

In-House Medical™ is in the business of managing the clinical, operational, and financial aspects of Hospital Based Practices including Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine.

The trend is for hospitals to employ doctors. Over the past 4 years there has been a significant increase in the number of physicians and NP/PAs that have converted to Hospital W2 Employees.

Traditionally, hospitals have hired physicians to lock in admissions and boost the use of hospital-based tests and diagnostic imaging, but the passage of healthcare reform in 2010 gave them new reasons to collect MDs and DOs. The law offers an incentive for hospitals and physicians to team up in the form of Accountable Care Organizations and earn bonuses for more efficient, higher-quality care.  Bundled payments that hospitals and physicians share for inpatient care also promote togetherness.

At the same time, droves of physicians are seeking the shelter of a hospital to escape increasing burden of independent practice; long hours, at-risk revenue streams, and government prodding to adopt expensive electronic health record systems, to name a few turn-offs.

The rise in hospital-employed physicians parallels an increase in the percentage of institutions that use hospitalists, as more primary care physicians are turning their patient over to Hospital Based Practices. Even emergency physicians who have operated as Independent Contractors are converting to hospital employees as hospital join networks or are being acquired by large health systems.

Many hospitals may believe that they can hire and manage doctors like they do nurses. Therefore, there may be an initial resistance to the need to accept the management expertise of In-House Medical™. Some facilities will already have struggled with challenges related to physician management and are ready to outsource their Hospital Based Physician Groups (Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Radiology, and Anesthesia). Up until now there’s been no other option.

In-House Medical™ will offer the hospital the advantages of both worlds – the systems and expertise of an outsourced group with the local control and alignment of having the doctors working for the institution.

Our mission is to provide expertise in Hospital Medicine and Emergency Medicine practices that allow physicians to provide the highest quality medical care; patients to be respected and heard; and hospitals to be the recognized leader and the desired location for the delivery of healthcare.

The 3 goals of In-House Medical™ are:

  1. To provide the business framework of operations to physicians that allows them to focus on the noble art of medicine.
  2. To provide specific Provider coverage and Recruitment Services that enhances the Hospital’s or Group’s existing practice.
  3. To assess, advise, and be accountable to our Clients so as to optimize their existing service lines.

The 3 objectives to achieve our goals will be:

  1. To lead the industry in Client, Provider, and Patient satisfaction by exceeding expectations.
  2. To Standardize the delivery of medical care that assures patient safety through the transitions of care.
  3. To continuously innovate ways to improve the services that we provide to our constituents.
  • People – honorable, dignified, “do-the-right-thing” mentality
  • Experience – years of practice management, hospital administration, hands-on EM and HM operations
  • Culture – of Aspiration and Teamwork
  • Leadership – Compassionate, inspiring, servant
  • Compassionate Leadership – patiently listening and giving
  • Honorable Culture – Generous and Grace-filled
  • Authentic (Way of Being) – optimistic, humble, honoring of our Word
  • Responsible – Accountable, Patient, Enduring
  • Integrity – Responsive, Follow-Through, Truthful
  • Nimble Mindset
  • Client Focused Structure
  • Communication
  • Innovative approach to our hospital partners
  • ED and HM Synergy – seamless transition from ED Door to Hospital Floor utilizing care pathways,  bridge orders, and shared physician visions on safe, effective, and efficient medical care.
  • ED and HM throughput – Reduction of ED LOS and optimizing LOS < GMLOS by shared metrics that incentivizes success of the whole, not of individual departments.
  • Execution of quality principles – Through leadership that fosters a willingness to listen, learn, and truxt all providers become agents of change.
  • Physician incentive and ownership models –  By addressing the human nature of all people, we provide the ownership mentality to the way the practice is managed.