EM & HM Management

Insourcing Management Services of your Physicians and NPs/PAs
within your current Hospital Medicine and/or Emergency Medicine program.

Compassion is a driving force to work with integrity to create responsible, effective solutions for our clients.


We provide complete In-House management of your hospital-based physician practices for both Hospital Medicine and Emergency Medicine.


Operational Assessments

  • Physician Expert
  • Financial/Admin
  • Practice Manager

Management Services Agreements

  • Recruiter
  • RVP/Operations
  • Practice Manager

Traditional Contract Management

  • R/S/C
  • Billing
  • HR – EE

Our mission is to provide the Practice Management expertise that hospitals, just like you, need to develop a successful in-house program that ultimately positions your hospital as the leader in high quality medical care within your community.

With today’s constantly changing healthcare landscape, efficiently managing a healthy hospital isn’t easy. Readmission rates, length of stay and patient satisfaction scores are only a few challenges you face when trying to run a successful hospital-based practice. And while managing these are tough, the pressure to manage each of these effectively is even harder, considering how quickly a floundering program can eat away at your bottom-line.

At In-House Medical™ we understand these challenges. And with over 3 decades of experience, we bring the knowledge you need to transform your hospital-based practice from a stagnant or under-performing program into one of your leading service lines.

With an annual management contract, our services are designed to allow hospitals the ability to maintain their employed physician practice model, while we provide all of the on-site management expertise needed to run a highly efficient hospital-based practice.

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On-Site Management Expertise

  • Locate, hire, on-board and train the clerical staff on the details and implementation of daily operations.
  • Provide medical director training and direction for best practices, metric based performance monitoring and incentives, and documentation training.
  • Assist in permanent recruitment of the physician, NP and PA staff, contract negotiations, scheduling of the providers.
  • Develop compensation models based on volume, documentation, and performance of the hospital medicine service line.