Our team is focused on reviving an underperforming hospital-owned program or transitioning control of an outsourced program back to the hospital. Our “secret sauce” is effective leadership and a trustworthy culture that translates into success.
we are different

We are different

We In-Source.  In-House Medical is the solution to the high costs of outsourcing.  We keep the hospital resources under local control, not under the direction of Private Equity.   We are passionate about giving hospitals the opportunity to own their Emergency Department and Hospital Medicine program.  If you already have an employed model, our expertise can optimize the efficiency and profitability of the program.  We are experts in change management and delivering results.


Who we are

In-House Medical™ is a stand for dignifying the care of the patient by recognizing our purpose to serve and impart integrity to our fellow man.

We create innovative, effective hospital-based provider practices by integrating our services into the fabric of the facility.

We will provide the clinical and managerial expertise that result in an enhanced patient experience by intentionally optimizing the provider practices through hands-on leadership into the Hospital’s mission and vision.

In-House Medical™ is in the business of managing the clinical, operational, and financial aspects of Hospital Based Practices including Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine.
In-House Medical™

Where quality, effectiveness, and innovation meet.


Our Solutions

Emergency Medicine

“Owning” a synergistic Emergency Medicine program will enable your organization to align the clinical, operational, and financial goals and recognize the positive long-term benefits of insourcing. With your input, In-House Medical shoulders the burden of change, removes barriers that often administration is unaware of, and invites a culture of collaboration.

Hospital Medicine

Hospital Medicine programs are rarely profitable and carry a hefty subsidy. However, administrative attention to this service line will position the organization for long term success. Over the years, “renting” the inpatient service to an outsourced group became the norm; unfortunately, this is no longer a sustainable option. Bringing your service line In-House is the wise choice in this environment.

Other Offerings

The In-House Medical ED/HM Hybrid model is the most efficient structure for rural and critical access hospitals. Additionally, with our 3 decades of experience, we can assist with many aspects of service line management including contract development, provider negotiations, recruiting, scheduling, and more.

Our Values




Our competencies

Our mission is to provide expertise in Hospital Medicine and Emergency Medicine practices that allow physicians to provide the highest quality medical care; patients to be respected and heard; and hospitals to be the recognized leader and the desired location for the delivery of healthcare.

ED and HM Synergy – seamless transition from ED Door to Hospital Floor utilizing care pathways,  bridge orders, and shared physician visions on safe, effective, and efficient medical care.

ED and HM throughput – Reduction of ED LOS and optimizing LOS < GMLOS by shared metrics that incentivizes success of the whole, not of individual departments.

Execution of quality principles – Through leadership that fosters a willingness to listen, learn, and truxt all providers become agents of change.

Physician incentive and ownership models –  By addressing the human nature of all people, we provide the ownership mentality to the way the practice is managed.