To be satisfied, the hospital must achieve the goals they set. The results we deliver will drive the decisions of the future, and must reflect back to the purpose of the organization. We hold ourselves accountable for “Why, How, and What” to establish a long-lasting partnership. In-House Medical is valued not only for our results but also for how they are achieved and the passion driving the motivation.

we are our results

The Practice, The Providers, The Results

A practice must allow the physician to provide the highest quality of medical care, the patients must be respected, and hospitals recognized as the desired location for the delivery of healthcare.  In-House Medical builds a stable “home” for the provider where they can trust that the management team has their back.  A professionally run practice builds the environment for world-class results.

Ultimately, the results we achieve as a TEAM position your hospital as the leader in high quality medical care within your community.

Over the years there has been a significant increase in the number of physicians and NP/PAs that have converted to hospital employees. Our programs give providers a stable “home” in the hospital.

Recent success stories of hospitals we impacted.

$3,260,400 savings in first year

650% Return on Investment

$1,229,320 annual payroll savings

Changed HM staffing model

Immediate $108,000 savings

Retained 4 physicians who re-signed due to uncompetitive pay

$300,000 readmission penalty reduction

Established an HM run post-discharge clinic

$543,120 savings in initial 6 months

Reduced locums usage

$344,040 annual savings

Changed coverage model and metrics, no providers lost

$1,300,000 annual savings

Eliminated outsourced coding

$300,000 annual savings

Increased scope of coverage by existing HM group (no staff or salary increase)

Doubled the number of discharge orders written by noon

KPI Met: Timely Discharges

$1,300,000 annual savings

Eliminated outsourced coding

70% coding accuracy

KPI Met: Documentation Improvement

55% of discharge orders written by noon

Change in coverage model and metrics, no providers lost


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