In-house Medical™ performs these services with a clear mission to help you achieve your greatest potential.
Our unique method to transformation is our proprietary three step process.

Hospital and Emergency Services Transformation Assessments

Hospitalist and EM Physician Practice Management

EM and Hospitalist Provider Quality Measures Education

Recruiting Services

Quality Control Management

Transitions of Care Solutions

Physician and Professional Leadership Growth and Education

NP and PA Integration Solutions and Practice Management

NP and PA Scope of Practice Expertise

Financial and Coding Assessments and Solutions

Medical and Professional Services Management

Development of HM and EM Synergy Strategies

Step 1: Halo

We listen! during this step we seek to listen to what you and your team want to accomplish. During this timeout we take time to assess your professional, management, and operational staff. We listen to the data by assessing your billing, coding, time metrics, core measures, PQRS, and financial status.

We listen to your customers through conversations, community evaluation, and patient satisfaction. We look at the all encompassing Halo that people perceive and believe you wear.

Step 2: Synergy

Here we connect the dots! We bring out years of experience and knowledge together to find the alignment for you, the providers, and the patient. We create solutions that honor our core values but create greatness in your facilities that last.

Step 3: Transformation

We launch our new processes and plans to create a transformation that makes it all come together. Guiding these new processes and solutions but also teaching you to lead! We teach you to drive and eventually have you take the wheel of your new future.